New Clothes or How To Identify a Chemistry Teacher

I have a lab coat that I made during one of my semesters in college. Most lab coats look something like this:5700_large

Kinda plain and boring, but the job is just to protect you and your clothes.  My lab coat, however is tie-dyed in pinks and blues and is one of the most distinctive garments I own.  It shrieks “I’m a chemistry nerd and I know it!”  Ok, so that’s my lab coat.

In addition to being a teacher, I also watch the crosswalk after school so that if anyone gets hit by the cars that go screaming through the intersection it will be me and not the students.  For this job, I wear a neon orange vest that looks something like this:untitled

And yes, I do wear the two together as I march through the crosswalk in my ruby red shoes.  I am now identified as “the-teacher-in-the-lab-coat-and-neon-vest-at-the-crosswalk-who-looks-like-a-student.”  My name just gets longer everyday.


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