Wedding Invitations

My sixth graders all for some reason REALLY want me to get married.  I’m not sure why, as they would still call me Mizz Whatever.  But they seem to think that it would be a good idea. They told me as much in class one day:

“Ms. C, when you get married, you shouldn’t change your last name.”
“Oh, why not?”
“Because you’re last name is COOL.”
“Also, Ms. C, when you get married you HAVE to invite us to your wedding!”
“Really? Why?”
“Cause we’re like your best friends EVER!!”

The entire class agreed with this assertion, so I now have to budget 60 teenagers into my future wedding plans, whenever that will be.  At least they have this all figured out for me.


2 responses to “Wedding Invitations

  1. Oh, BRILLIANT. Ha! You should carefully channel that enthusiasm into wedding preparations, so by the time that glorious day arrives, you will already have your caterers and gown designers and DJs all ready and waiting 🙂 Just be careful they don’t start looking for real live men to pair you with; teenagers make terrible matchmakers.

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