Building Bridges

One of the most fantastic things about teaching middle schoolers, especially seventh graders, is watching their sense of humor develop. Suddenly they understand sarcasm and the importance of listening to a person’s tone and inflection. Life becomes so much more entertaining.

For instance, when the students come up with silly questions, or questions with obvious answers:
“Ms. C, do we have a test today?!” *note that test dates are posted on the white board for everyone to see at lest five days previously
“Well, you have a test today.”
“I DO?!”
“Mmhmm, just you, no one else.”
“Wha-! Oh, hahaha, thanks Ms. C.”

It’s even funnier when they just don’t understand:
“Ms. C! I’m so sad! You’re not calling on me and I know the answer!”
“Yeah, it is sad.”
“Ms. C! I’m going to CRY!”
“Well, cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.”
The rest of the class howled with laughter while the student looked at me with a confused look.
“Ms. C, I… I don’t get it…..”
Try explaining something like that to a class of seventh graders.


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