I am apparently a little bit of a celebrity among some of my students. I walked into the seventh grade lunch room in order to find a student who had asked for some extra help understanding a new concept. When I walked into the lunch room one table of my students turned around, saw me, and screamed at the top of their seventh grade lungs “MS. C!!!!!!!!!” They leapt up, grabbed hands, and danced, laughing and shrieking, in a circle around me for a good thirty seconds before the lunch monitor came to shoo them all back to their seats.

Not that I’m complaining about the ring-around-the-teacher moment, but when half the students are within two feet of me (I like to have and arms-length personal space, ridiculous, I know, I teach middle schoolers!) and they have all grown a good six inches and so are as tall as I am, it is a little disconcerting.  Now I sneak into the lunch room like a ninja and sneak back out…. most of the time they don’t notice I was there until I’m gone.


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