The Beginning of a New Year

I’m sorry for the long hiatus. Summer came and posting materials left for vacations to California, or Colorado, or India, or Greece, or other fantastically amazing vacations. I, on the other hand, hung out in the dark in my apartment and unceremoniously dumped all thoughts of teaching out of my mind. While I consider myself an extrovert, by the time that May showed up I was heartily sick of any person who was not trapped on a computer screen or inside the TV. It was a beautifully restful week. Then it was off to teach at VBS, lead missions trips, house sit, and move. I have promised myself that I will not move again, or at least not until I have a boyfriend or a husband to help me carry all my boxes of books and teaching supplies.

Popportunity for you.

True or False: The year began like any other year.

Your answer should be “False”

Our school building was in the middle of a modernization that gutted half of the existing school and added eight new classrooms.  As the only room with an exterior door, my room found itself lost in the middle of a construction zone.  The day before the day before school started, the new part of the building was facing the challenge of no roof or windows.  We ended up starting on time, but it has taken about two weeks for everything to calm down and settle back into the “ordinary” routine.   (Having AC being a part of that routine)

All that to say, all my story materials are back safe from their many vacations, I’m teaching them all again, and already the year is a hundred times better than last.



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