Blue Valentine

Valentine’s Day is sort of a pathetic holiday. I mean, it’s wonderful if you have someone special in your life. Otherwise it takes the fact that you are too busy teaching, grading, cleaning, sleeping, commuting, comforting, cajoling, planning, and yelling to actually go do something interesting with free evenings and rubs it in your face. And if Hallmark doesn’t remind you enough about how pathetic your life seems, the students do a pretty good job of it too:

“Happy Single Awareness Day, Ms. C!”
“You’re 13. Why are you celebrating being alone?”
“Oh…. I don’t know….”

“Happy Forever Alone Day, Ms. C!”
“Oh, not for you, for us. I’m sure you’ll find a guy someday!”

Of course, retribution is sweet. We talked about what who St. Valentine REALLY was, and how the Romans tortured him and then beheaded him.


Ms. C’s potential husband

Two of my sixth graders walked up to me laughing and laughing. I asked them what was so funny (point of interest, this question gets you all sorts of strange answers). They told me that they had been talking about me and one of the eighth graders had looked at them strangely. They said that they were trying to figure out why I was not married yet and then proceeded to list all my good qualities: “I don’t understand why you don’t have a husband, Ms. C. You’re smart, and funny, and pretty, and SKINNY!”
So obviously I should be married, mostly since I’m skinny.